We will offer unique decorations based on the theme you want, always emphasizing ideas that will amaze the little children.

Wedding Arrangement

Select dream-weaver for your wedding event and enjoy quality services on the most beautiful day of your life.

Birthday Arrangement

Our highly trained and friendly staff can arrange the decoration of Birthday area which will add a unique touch to this very special day.


Dreamweavers Event Planner


At dream weavers we believe that each event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges. We also know that in order to deliver a successful event, you need an event management partner that understands this. We are pocket friendly and can do all services within budget. We focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We believe events are so much more than parties and conferences. Events connect people, breed innovation and build communities.




Catering Services






Our strategic process begins with initial consultation to listen to your needs, the overall concept to the smallest of details. We explore the possibilities along with you. Our team works together to explore, collaborate and define your needs and objectives for the event.


We help building the vision right from start to end into an exciting plan that keeps the costs with in your ball park. Our expert work closely with you to eliminate any risks and deliver the needs. We sketch out detail plan and present the same to you before proceeding


This is a three step process. It includes arrangement, run through and cleanup. You can have a relaxed evening while being star of show. Experience peace of mind while your event goes flawlessly. Guarantee the attendees a rich and memorable experience.


The event is incomplete until we produce a comprehensive report of concluded event to arm you with all info you need to analyze and share the success with other. It also gives us an opportunity to work on area where we have scope for improvement in next event.

All you need is love..we’ll take care of rest

The Ideal Setting of your special occasion.


We try to tell your Event story as honestly as possibly can, without any interference or manipulation. We like to be a fly on the wall and purely document what goes on around us. We find that this produces the most true and honest representation of you and your emotions at that particular point in time. This is what we love to capture for you and tell your Event story.


With experience comes a special wedding instinct and apprehension, to know where and when to look for those special moments; the tears, the laughter, the tight meaningful hugs and so on. These moments could happen from the bridal preparations in the early hours all the way through to the late stages after the first dance. We never stop scanning the room for them. These moments will stitch together to tell the story of your day when you look back.

Artistic Eye

Wedding planner used to be about standing up straight in an awkward line with all the wedding party trying to look as smart and pleasant looking as possible. That was when I used to think I would never be a wedding planner!All that has changed in the past few years with the explosion of trendy young wedding planners, with trendy fashion backgrounds and so on, injecting a dose of fun and creativity into modern wedding. I love it when I get the more artistically inclined bride and groom, and I encourage them to express themselves as they truly are in their wedding. It is a passion of mine to produce artistic works of art for your walls.
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